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Private Yoga

Nico started dancing when she was 2 years old and has been dancing ever since. She loves moving her body in artistic ways to build strength, increase flexibility and calm the mind. She found yoga when she was 18 years old and fell in love with the combination of movement and breath. Yoga and dance has helped Nico through so many ups and downs of life and that is why she wants to increase access to every single person that wants to move their body. Public classes aren't for everyone! That's why she offers private sessions.  

Privates Session FAQ

How many people can be in a private?

Anywhere from one to thirty people. One-on-one sessions are good for personal guidance towards specific goals. Large groups can request private yoga classes for events or continuing classes for a specific group.  

Where will it happen?

Nico can host privates at a yoga studio in Bozeman OR come to wherever you are (home, office, gym, etc.). She can bring mats and props to you if you need them. 

What types of private sessions does Nico offer?

Both yoga or dance sessions can be one on one or groups. For yoga, Nico can offer vinyasa, hatha, yin or personalized guided meditation sessions. For dance, Nico's specialty is contemporary and freestyle movement but is also able to teach hip hop upon request. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of one private session can range anywhere from $70-$200 based on the frequency, size of group and location. Text or email Nico to get a rate. 

Do I have to have experience?

NO! That's the beautiful thing about private sessions is that you can be any level and feel comfortable yet challenged. 





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