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Grounding in Gratitude Yoga Retreat

This retreat will be November 6th-13th, 2024 at Kawoq Forest in Guatemala. Kawoq Forest is Nestled in the verdant Guatemalan highlands and overlooking the ancient azure waters of Lake Atitlán. 

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Join me in a 6 night immersive yoga retreat in the lush forests of Guatemala. This retreat is for anyone looking to relax, reset, ground and connect. I will offer vinyasa yoga, gentle yoga, movement workshops, meditation and breathwork so you can be sure that there will be many things on the schedule so you can personalize your day in a way that feels best for you. 


This retreat is held at Kawoq Forest nesr San Marcos La Laguna of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Kawoq Forest is IN the forest, meaning that from the drop off point, the retreat space is a 20 minute hike through the jungle! November is the perfect time to visit Guatemala because it is the first dry month after rainy season .... so everything is green but you won't be in rain everyday.


What IS included

  • 2x daily Yoga 

  • Daily meditation and journaling prompts

  • Daily breathwork 

  • Movement and inversion workshops

  • Fire and cacao ceremonies 

  • Sunrise hike 

  • Tour of San Juan

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • 2 meals and 1 snack per day 

  • Transportation to and from airport


There will be two Guatemalan inspired meals per day with a hearty snack in between. All food is vegetarian and made with love by local women. Kawoq Forest is able to serve vegan and gluten free meals upon request. There is a cafe on site if you would like to purchase additional food. 


What is NOT included

  • Flights to/from Guatemala City airport 

  • Extra snacks from the cafe 

  • Additional Wellness services (you may book massage, reiki or an ayurvedic consultation through Kawoq Forest)

For more information about Kawoq Forest, visit their website!

Pricing and Accommodation Options

The price for each of these options is per person. Email to reserve your spot!


If you book a private room and would like to add a person to your room for a discounted price, let Nico know in your booking email.

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